Final Fight™ | Magic Sword


Affectionately nicknamed the "Mother of All Arcade Brawlers", Final Fight's huge sprites, bright colors, and detailed parallax scrolling, were a technological marvel for the day and paved the way for the huge arcade revival of the early 90's. Its gameplay is easy to pick up, but challenging and deep enough to make it highly addicting. Originally released at the end of 1989, Final Fight™ was a giant hit in the arcades.

Final Fight™ has maintained its popularity over the years with versions released for the SNES, SegaCD, GBA, and more. However, all these releases had some sort of censorship or game change. Now finally with Double Impact, players will be able to play through an uncut, uncensored, pure arcade experience, with a hard-hitting selectable new soundtrack, frame perfect online co-op, and a barrage of new video modes.

Originally conceived as a sequel to the original Street Fighter, Final Fight™ exists in the same universe. As such, it is often referred to as Street Fighter's "cousin" series. Nearly every character in Final Fight™ has made its way in some manner or another into a Street Fighter game. Now with the release of Super Street Fighter IV, Cody and Guy return again as playable fighters. Never has there been a better time to learn your roots.


Final Fight™ is set in the fictional American city of Metro City "sometime in the 1990s". The story centers around the kidnapping of the newly-elected mayor's daughter, Jessica, by the city's dominant street gang, Mad Gear. The Mad Gear Gang seeks to bring the mayor - and the town - under their control. The mayor, a former pro wrestler named Mike Haggar, refuses to give in to the gang's demands; instead, he sets out to rescue his daughter with the help of her boyfriend, a martial artist named Cody, and his friend, a modern-day Bushin ninja named Guy.